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CIDCOP is the Public Research and Documentation Center of Panama, which was created to serve as a reference to provide the most relevant information on Public Contracting.  Anyone can access the service, although it is addressed to specialists, researchers, businesspeople as well as any person interested in the matter. 

With this mission in mind, our CIDCOP Portal www.cidcop.gob.pa provides access to case law from the Public Procurement Court (PPC), General Directorate of Public Contracting (GDPC), and the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Panama.  The Portal also provides the most important legislation of Public Contracting, including the regulations from the General Assembly of the Republic of Panama. CIDCOP also offers Public Contracting regulation from other Latin American and European countries.

We believe that the content we offer is just as important as its comprehension and interpretation.  This is why we offer our Glossary, replete with terms related to Public Contracting, taken out of Panamanian legislation that is in force.  This carefully selected terminology offers an added value to the documentation and research in the matter.  It is a very useful tool for those studying or working in the Public Contracting field.

CIDCOP also provides a section on specialized Blogs on Public Contracting, from the Republic of Panama as well as other countries, links to publications, websites and a wide variety of specialized congresses and seminars.  This way, and thanks to the social media, the Portal has a citizen-friendly,dynamic and global presence. 

The Panama Research and Documentation Center of Public Contracting, through www.cidcop.gob.pa, wishes to offer a unique experience during the inquiry of its sections in the study of Public Contracting.  

For more information please contact us info@cidcop.com

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